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My name is TeddyBoy Sinclair and I’m a tuxedo alley cat of indeterminate origin. It has come to my attention that we live in an incomplete world: a world without the wisdom of felines. But never fear. When I’m not taking naps, or pushing volumes off the table, I give advice on books, toys, and who knows what else. So let the good times roll; TeddyBoy is here!

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“Nala’s World”  Written by Dean Nicholson

“Nala’s World”
Written by Dean Nicholson

Holy mother of gawd, it's about time.  A human, believe it or not, actually wrote book, admitting that his life would be nothing without his cat, Nala. Cats all over the world are celebrating that finally, the truth is coming out.  Your lives are pretty worthless...

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— About my human —

Photograph of Judy Folkenberg

Judy Folkenberg — She likes to make books.

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