When the World Went Quietbook written by Tia Martina & illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

When the World Went Quiet
book written by Tia Martina & illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

Sometimes, you’ve just got to wonder.  Where are all the animals?  Well this book has some answers for you.  It seems there are just around the corner, but there were always too many humans in their way.

And then suddenly something strange happened.  In seems there was a zombie virus that forced humans to stay home if they didn’t want to get sick.  It became very, very quiet.  And there was loads of room all over the world where animals could wander and play.  Heck, we cats could chase each other all over without worrying about bumping into humans!

What Did The Cats See?

And what amazing things cats could see if they were alert enough.  They might see foxes sneak into a  garden and play among the bushes.  Or otters swimming in Singapore’s fountains.  Or a giant elephant wandering down the road with houses on either side. And extra lucky cats might even see pumas roaming the streets in Chile.

Anyway, when you pick up this book you will see loads of animals took advantage of all this sudden space.  You may even read about some animals you’ve never heard of. I hope that humans learn how much fun it might be share your spaces with all the wonderful animals in the world.

I have to mention that one of my favorite artists, Kelly Ulrich, drew pretty pictures in this book.  Maybe I’ll ask if she needs a studio assistant, so I can run through her paints and make pretty pictures using my paws as brushes!


“Nala’s World”  Written by Dean Nicholson

“Nala’s World”
Written by Dean Nicholson

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

Holy mother of gawd, it’s about time.  A human, believe it or not, actually wrote book, admitting that his life would be nothing without his cat, Nala. Cats all over the world are celebrating that finally, the truth is coming out.  Your lives are pretty worthless without us in your homes.

So how did this all happen?

Well, let me say, Mr. Nicholson, the author,  was a pretty wild fellow back in his home country of Scotland.  A nearly fatal  car accident because he fell asleep at the wheel, a couple of run ins with the cops, and lots of drugs and beer dominated his life. So he decided to “hit the road to find the road,” and hightailed it the European continent on his bicycle  Dean had precise plans to cycle alone around the world. But things did not go exactly as planned. It seems the universe had other ideas.  While travelling through Bosna,

He discovered a starving kitten on a mountain top  who was determined to join him on his trip–so determined that she leapt onto his shoulder while he cycled..

So Dean became   “a big, bearded, tattooed bloke on a bike with a kitten sitting on his shoulder.”  And “Nala” as he named her, turned out to be the “perfect travelling companion.”


In short order, Nala gave him a routine, changed his world for the better, charmed policemen and a host of other people.  She made Dean more responsible,  thoughtful, and gave him a purpose for his life.  Of course, Mr. Nicholson did not change over night.  I mean he did forget their passports in a Turkish hotel which he discovered some seventy miles into their trip at a subsequent guesthouse.  But then, per usual, Nala charmed the owners, one of whom drove Dean on a 70 mile round trip to pick up the forgotten passports. And then there was the time when Dean forgot to put on his sun protection lotion in Greece and got badly burned, but Nala nursed him back to health.  Not to mention the time, when Nala warned him of danger from a wild animal, and Dean ran out of his tent stark naked into the middle of the road in the middle of the night.  But I don’t want to spoil the rest of the  story for you!


But through Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria, Nala was constantly by his side (or rather mostly in basket attached to his bike handle bars.)  This awesome kitty cat also helped Dean raise thousands of dollars (or “pounds” according to those Brits) for animal shelters all over the world.  She was also with him through a months long quarantine in Hungary. Nala taught Dean how to enjoy the most precious moments in life…it’s a practice many humans fail to learn.  This is story of redemption.  This is a story about how wee cat changed a human’s life for the better.

So if you have a cat (or gasp, even a dog) share Nala’s World with them, becasue this book, is “catastic!” 

For more information on how to buy Nala’s World, go to Mr. Nicholson’s website:

1bike1world.com.  It is also available through Amazon and independent book stores.  

Book cover for the review of the book "Nalas World"
Never Drink Alone (Pet Beverage Review)

Never Drink Alone
(Pet Beverage Review)

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

Humans apparently do not like to drink alone—and neither do cats.  We will even lower our standards to drink, dare I say, with a dog (if there are no humans around).  Well what do you know.  There’s this company (Woof and Brew)  “across the pond,” (that’s how humans talk when they describe this kingdom, called “Great Britain”) that makes beer, wine–and hangover tonics for cats and dogs. So you can even share a hangover cure with your human.

I invited my doggy friend, TommyBoy,  to share a beer called, “Bottom Sniffer,” a beverage for dogs with healthy stuff like iron and iodine.  After drinking a few bottles, we bragged about how many fish we each caught (I beat him of course, as dogs are pretty lousy fishermen).  TommyBoy bragged that he was better at chasing cars, but who in their right mind would chase a car?  I lost that one.  We also boasted about our respective love lives, and I think we all know who came out ahead in this arena.  TommyBoy drank far too much beer so I had to share the hang-over tonic that got rid of his doggy breath and made him feel better.

There’s even a wine for dogs AND CATS called “Pawsecco, ” made up of elderflower, nettle, ginseng, and lime flower. (Unfortunately, my clueless caretaker did not buy me a bottle of wine.  Very thoughtless of her.)  I understand after drinking a few glasses of this elixir, you feel like you’re in charge of the world.

Woof and Brew even makes an herbal tonic, called “Windy Hound” that helps get rid of unpleasant orders that erupt from a dog’s rear end.    Or as the company says, “a  few caps a day keeps the farts away.”  (Cats rarely fart, and if they do, their farts smell like lavender on a sweet summer day.)

If you can persuade your care taker to buy some of these items (or steal their credit card and buy all by yourself), go to woofandbrew.com

“Melissa & Doug Stacking Train”

“Melissa & Doug Stacking Train”

PawReview byTeddyBoy Sinclair

Toys! Human kids get loads of toys while cats are satisfied with an empty box, the bottle top from a gallon of milk, or a piece of left over string.

But I was asked to review this wooden train from the cat’s viewpoint, which is made especially for very young human children.

I see several problems with this train toy. It’s not very sturdy in my paws and I can easily push it along the floor and then knock it over with one paw swipe. It doesn’t make any sounds except for a mere thud when I throw it on the floor from the kitchen table.

However, there are some fun aspects to this toy train; even for a cat. It gives me a good massage when one of the train cars falls off my back. And it’s painted in bright colors, so I easily see it. Contrary to popular belief, cats can see colors. It also has some bite-sized wooden pieces that I have fun chewing on.

All in all, not a bad toy for cats….and perhaps even small human children.