When the World Went Quietbook written by Tia Martina & illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

When the World Went Quiet
book written by Tia Martina & illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

Sometimes, you’ve just got to wonder.  Where are all the animals?  Well this book has some answers for you.  It seems there are just around the corner, but there were always too many humans in their way.

And then suddenly something strange happened.  In seems there was a zombie virus that forced humans to stay home if they didn’t want to get sick.  It became very, very quiet.  And there was loads of room all over the world where animals could wander and play.  Heck, we cats could chase each other all over without worrying about bumping into humans!

What Did The Cats See?

And what amazing things cats could see if they were alert enough.  They might see foxes sneak into a  garden and play among the bushes.  Or otters swimming in Singapore’s fountains.  Or a giant elephant wandering down the road with houses on either side. And extra lucky cats might even see pumas roaming the streets in Chile.

Anyway, when you pick up this book you will see loads of animals took advantage of all this sudden space.  You may even read about some animals you’ve never heard of. I hope that humans learn how much fun it might be share your spaces with all the wonderful animals in the world.

I have to mention that one of my favorite artists, Kelly Ulrich, drew pretty pictures in this book.  Maybe I’ll ask if she needs a studio assistant, so I can run through her paints and make pretty pictures using my paws as brushes!


“Nala’s World”  Written by Dean Nicholson

“Nala’s World”
Written by Dean Nicholson

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

Holy mother of gawd, it’s about time.  A human, believe it or not, actually wrote book, admitting that his life would be nothing without his cat, Nala. Cats all over the world are celebrating that finally, the truth is coming out.  Your lives are pretty worthless without us in your homes.

So how did this all happen?

Well, let me say, Mr. Nicholson, the author,  was a pretty wild fellow back in his home country of Scotland.  A nearly fatal  car accident because he fell asleep at the wheel, a couple of run ins with the cops, and lots of drugs and beer dominated his life. So he decided to “hit the road to find the road,” and hightailed it the European continent on his bicycle  Dean had precise plans to cycle alone around the world. But things did not go exactly as planned. It seems the universe had other ideas.  While travelling through Bosna,

He discovered a starving kitten on a mountain top  who was determined to join him on his trip–so determined that she leapt onto his shoulder while he cycled..

So Dean became   “a big, bearded, tattooed bloke on a bike with a kitten sitting on his shoulder.”  And “Nala” as he named her, turned out to be the “perfect travelling companion.”


In short order, Nala gave him a routine, changed his world for the better, charmed policemen and a host of other people.  She made Dean more responsible,  thoughtful, and gave him a purpose for his life.  Of course, Mr. Nicholson did not change over night.  I mean he did forget their passports in a Turkish hotel which he discovered some seventy miles into their trip at a subsequent guesthouse.  But then, per usual, Nala charmed the owners, one of whom drove Dean on a 70 mile round trip to pick up the forgotten passports. And then there was the time when Dean forgot to put on his sun protection lotion in Greece and got badly burned, but Nala nursed him back to health.  Not to mention the time, when Nala warned him of danger from a wild animal, and Dean ran out of his tent stark naked into the middle of the road in the middle of the night.  But I don’t want to spoil the rest of the  story for you!


But through Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria, Nala was constantly by his side (or rather mostly in basket attached to his bike handle bars.)  This awesome kitty cat also helped Dean raise thousands of dollars (or “pounds” according to those Brits) for animal shelters all over the world.  She was also with him through a months long quarantine in Hungary. Nala taught Dean how to enjoy the most precious moments in life…it’s a practice many humans fail to learn.  This is story of redemption.  This is a story about how wee cat changed a human’s life for the better.

So if you have a cat (or gasp, even a dog) share Nala’s World with them, becasue this book, is “catastic!” 

For more information on how to buy Nala’s World, go to Mr. Nicholson’s website:

1bike1world.com.  It is also available through Amazon and independent book stores.  

Book cover for the review of the book "Nalas World"
“The Dublin Fox”  book written and illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

“The Dublin Fox”
book written and illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

As the title says, this is a book about a fox.  Now, I have to say I like foxes, because they run like cats.  How cool is that?   But let’s get to this story.  A human rents a cottage in a place called, Dublin, Ireland.  One day as she’s shopping she nearly trips over a fox, and assumes the fox must be starving. (Huh, it’s been my experience that foxes rarely starve!)

That evening she sets out some food on her back porch before she falls asleep.  And in the morning, what does she see, but some foxy paw prints leading away from the empty bowl.  This human decides to go all detective and follows the prints, which lead towards the church, where she sees a priest give a chicken bone to the fox. But it doesn’t stop there.  The fox stops at the fish mongers, the post office, and the bakery and gets a meal at each place. Nope, I was right, this fox has a full belly. (Heck, he even stopped at a neighbor’s house for some spaghetti!).  But what was the story behind all these humans helping feed a fox?

Well, it seems that hundreds of years ago, the town of Dublin was over run by rats, and the cats couldn’t keep up with catching all of them.  (Frankly, I really find that hard to believe, because cats are awesome hunters, but then again maybe we do need a little help now and then..)  A  gameskeeper found an orphaned fox, who turned out to be so good at helping cats catch mice, that he was made the  official mascot of Dublin. And those Dublin humans decided to always honor foxes for their mouse catching abilities by leaving them food.  (I wonder if “those” Dublin humans leave tidbits for cats too?)

I know it seems like this PawReview is more about cats than the foxy hero of  The Dublin Fox, but hey, I’m a cat.  In any case, I really like the pretty pictures in this book and couldn’t stop staring at them and touching them with my paws.  In fact, this book is catastic!

“Francine” book written and illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

book written and illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

I love ghost stories, especially because humans freak out when they see a ghost.  Loads of fun to see them run in the opposite direction!  Imagine my delight when I stumbled on this story of a girl ghost name Francine who lives in an rickety old house with no one to play with or talk to. This makes me sad because cats love to play.  But all this is due to change when a moving van arrives one day with a family and a baby, named Jenny.  Francine is delighted…because now she might have to someone to talk with.  She finds herself comforting the crying baby, and turns out to be an awesome babysitter,  giving her gifts, such as an old rocking horse.

As Jenny grows older, the two of them become good friends, sharing secrets and playing together.  One day, Francine says to Jenny, “Can you keep a secret?  Jenny assures her ghosty friend that she can, and Francine leads her down the basement stairs, showing her a door under the stairs.  She opens the door, and leads Jenny to the very back of the room. Francine pulls  aside some ratty wallpaper and two of them crawl through a small opening into a small room.  Jenny looks in amazement as the toys in there….because all of them are from a 100 years ago. Jenny sees worn out storybooks, old ratty dolls, and pretty clothes from yesteryear.  (Cats would be in seventh heaven in this kind of room….so many toys to play with!)  Francine and Jenny spend many hours playing in their secret hiding place.

But girls have a way of growing up, and one day Francine sees, a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, as Jenny and her family move out of the home.  Years pass.  The roof begins to leak, the grass grows long and tangled, and rotting fruit falls to the ground. And then one day, Francine peeks out the window and to her great surprise, she sees a car drive up and a young woman with a baby boy in her arms.  And guess who it is?  Jenny has grown up and is now a mother herself.

Humans come and go, but ghosts (and  cats) are forever.


“No Kiss for Mother” book written and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer

“No Kiss for Mother”
book written and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

 Gawd, I love this cat, Piper Paw.  He is such a trouble-maker.  He throws an alarm clock out  window which smashes the windshield of his dad’s car.  (Pop’s is a supervisor at a rat-processing plant.)  He  refuses to brush his teeth, or wash his face, and reads soggy comics behind a closed and locked bathroom door.  He crumples the clothes that his mother has neatly laid out for him,  because he doesn’t want to look like a “postcard kitty”.  But most of all, he hates being kissed by his mother. It makes him hiss at her.

He is such a vexing, mischievous kitten–which is my kind of cat. And the things he does at school.  He rarely does his homework, but his grades are good. (I sailed through both elementary and high school, by the seat of my furry pants…reading forbidden books about naughty cats, such as,  Lady Fluffy’s Lover.)  Piper Paw loves practical jokes which includes sprinkling catnip on all the other kitty students,  stuffing the teacher’s handbag with live spiders, and pouring glue down the girl kitties’ necks.  And don’t even get me going on what is in his locker:  fireworks, smoke bombs, and bobby traps; great tools to cause havoc in the class room.

On this one particular day Piper Paw gets into a huge fight with Jefferson Bully.  They bite and claw at each other, rolling around in the mud.  By the end of the fight half Piper Paw’s ear is gone and both are marched off to the school nurse.  The iodine and the stitching back of the ear cause yowls of pain.  To add to Piper’s misery, his mom, Mrs. Velvet Paw, decides to come by the school and take him out to lunch.  When she see him all stitched up she covers him with kisses….making Piper howl, “Kisses, kisses all the time.  I don’t like it.  I don’t want it.”  

But his embarrassment doesn’t end there.  The waiting taxi driver scolds Piper Paw for his outburst, and his kind, gentle, sweet mother slaps Piper, something she has never done before.  When mother and kitten reach the restaurant they are both silent.  The mole innards casserole remains untouched. Piper slinks out of the restaurant; returning to school,  and promptly empties his locker of stink bombs, fire works, and an awesome sling shot.  He sells his arsenal to fellow kitty cats.  He takes the money to the local florist buying a bouquet of yellow roses.  And with the promise of no more kisses, he proudly presents the pretty yellow flowers to his mom.  


“The Three Robbers”  book written & illustrated by Tomi Ungerer

“The Three Robbers”
book written & illustrated by Tomi Ungerer

PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

A long, long time ago, three fearsome robbers with tall black hats, roamed all over the country-side.  They threw pepper in the horses’ faces to stop carrages and then chopped up the wheels with a bright red ax.    All the humans were scared to death and even the dogs ran away.  (Of course, if cats had been here, they would not have run away, but would have scratched out the eyes of the robbers.  Next time the author should consult me).  The robbers hid their loot in a cave, where they had trunks full of jewels, gold, and precious stones.

But one day the robbers stumbled upon a carriage carrying only a small orphan girl, named Tiffany.  She was on her way to live with a wicked old aunt so was very happy to see the robbers.  But what’s a robber to do with a little girl?  They bundled her up, and took her to their cave of treasures and made soft bed for her.  Next morning she got up and stumbled upon all the treasure and asked what they intended to do with all their loot.  They didn’t have a clue.

So the robbers set out to find unhappy and abandoned children, and took them to live in a beautiful castle which they had bought with their loot.  As the news spread all over the land, more and more children arrived on the doorstep, and were given shelter in the castle.  And they grew up, built a village, and lived happily ever after.

I have to say this is a really good ending.  In fact, I liked this story so much, that I decided to dress up like a cat robber as you can see from the photo.  Do you think I would scare humans with my mask?  I think so.  So maybe someday I will roam the land and rob and steal, so I can build a home with plenty of food for all the abandoned, hungry, and lost kittens