When the World Went Quiet
book written by Tia Martina & illustrated by Kelly Ulrich

Published: October 9, 2020

Sometimes, you’ve just got to wonder.  Where are all the animals?  Well this book has some answers for you.  It seems there are just around the corner, but there were always too many humans in their way.

And then suddenly something strange happened.  In seems there was a zombie virus that forced humans to stay home if they didn’t want to get sick.  It became very, very quiet.  And there was loads of room all over the world where animals could wander and play.  Heck, we cats could chase each other all over without worrying about bumping into humans!

What Did The Cats See?

And what amazing things cats could see if they were alert enough.  They might see foxes sneak into a  garden and play among the bushes.  Or otters swimming in Singapore’s fountains.  Or a giant elephant wandering down the road with houses on either side. And extra lucky cats might even see pumas roaming the streets in Chile.

Anyway, when you pick up this book you will see loads of animals took advantage of all this sudden space.  You may even read about some animals you’ve never heard of. I hope that humans learn how much fun it might be share your spaces with all the wonderful animals in the world.

I have to mention that one of my favorite artists, Kelly Ulrich, drew pretty pictures in this book.  Maybe I’ll ask if she needs a studio assistant, so I can run through her paints and make pretty pictures using my paws as brushes!



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