“Madeline Finn and the Library Dog”
book written & illustrated
by Lisa Papp

Published: March 27, 2018
PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

It seems some human children have trouble reading books out loud.   The words sometimes get stuck in their mouth like peanut butter.  Or the human kids stumble and make funny mistakes when they pronounce the words.  So they hate  reading out loud.  Cats, of course never make mistakes when they read out loud, but that’s another story.

In this book, a little girl just can’t seem to get this reading out loud thing down.  Then  one day a librarian makes a dynamite suggestion.  Why not read to a dog, a big fluffy white dog.  Well, by golly, who knew that a dog could help humans read.out loud?  At first, the little girl stumbles over the words, and gets letters mixed up, but Bonnie (that’s the name of the dog) just sits there and listens and never, never criticizes.  Sometimes Bonnie puts her big paw on the little girl’s lap to help her.  Well, guess what?  Next time the little girl reads in the classroom, she does just fine and the teacher gives her a gold star.

Well, I thought I would try out this method too.  You see I have a friend, a dog named Hope, who can’t read out loud either.  So I thought if humans can read to dogs and improve their reading skills, why can’t cats help improve a dog’s reading skills?  Well, let me try and be kind.  Dogs are not the brightest bulbs in the universe. Nope, not at all.   When I gave Hope the book about the Library Dog to read out loud, do you know what she did?  She thought the book was a hat and put it on her head!  I’ve got to remind myself that when it comes to improving dogs’ reading abilities, it is not an easy task!



  1. Joyce Aijala

    You have brilliantly made this a cat story. You’re in good company, with the author
    Lisa Papp’s, “three wildly creative cats”.

  2. Lisa Papp

    Another ‘wildly creative’ cat at work. Please thank your very clever feline for taking the time to read Madeline Finn and for reaching out to Hope to see if she might like the story too. Maybe your kitty could read to Hope? Anyway, they are a wonderful duo, and I just love the picture. Please give them both a hug from me! (and Kitty hugs from my three)


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