Bethesda Magazine
(Almost Famous)

Published: January 2, 2018
PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

What a way to celebrate the New Year!  At last, the world at large is finally beginning to recognize my worth and wonderfulness.  I made it into a big-time magazine, Bethesda Magazine, in a column appropriately titled, “Almost Famous.”  Well better to be “almost famous,” rather than “not famous.”  The author, a Mr. Jeff Cirillo, mentioned that my caretaker posted “colorful shots” of myself on my very own website. He also mentioned how a few pets in the United States have “struck gold.”  Well I certainly haven’t “struck gold,” yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time.

I only have two beefs with the article.  First off, the author dared to also highlight the antics of two dogs.  In fact, he led the story with shenanigans of a dog named “Hoover.”  Well no one is perfect, so I figure I will have to educate Mr. Cirillo as to the superiority of cats over dogs. (“Cats rule, dogs drool.”)  And secondly, the author only interviewed  my human care taker and had the moxie to highlight her artistic pursuits, calling her a “Kensington-based artist.”  At least the author remarked how handsome I looked in two photos, one in which I’m  playing poker and in the other sipping a martini.  (Of course, he would have to mention that sometimes I’m a “challenge” when it comes to sitting for photos!)

I think next on the list in my path towards fame and fortune, is to have a star named after me (paging Neil Degrasse Tyson), or perhaps a stamp should be issued with my visage, or an island named after me, or yes, perhaps a pretty flower with my name attached.


  1. Ginny

    You rock Teddyboy!

  2. Rajmund Dabrowski

    TeddyBoy Sinclair! Firstly, congratulations! I have a beef or two to throw at you (beef pieces could be yummy, but red meat is not good, anyway)! You have chosen, or whoever suggested to you, to be named human names. Sinclair? What on earth this was about? And #2, your photos suggest unhealthy living habits, many of which create a road to ruin and some of the “drooling dogs” could warn you about. You may feel that you rule, but dogs are considered as friends to many a human. And given that you live so close to Washington, D.C., take this advice to humans living there. As per Quote Investigator, we learn that “in 1987 Nancy Kassebaum, Senator from Kansas at the time, uses a variant of the phrase particularized to Washington in a letter to the New York Times [KAS]: ‘I’ll close with some words from Harry Truman: “If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog.”‘” I rest my case for now, but congratulate you on your “celebrity” status, and whenever I come to Kensington again, allow me to rein you in and take a few famous photos for your future!


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