“The Sleepy Little Lion”
written by Margaret Wise Brown photographs by Ylla

Published: July 31, 2017
TeddyBoy with Book
PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

Great to read a story about one my cousins, the Lion.  Seems a baby lion decided to run away from his mom at the local zoo.  And his adventures began as he explored the world outside the zoo.

He discovered dogs and promptly started yawning and fell asleep.  He ran into a Siamese cat who hissed at him, and he fell asleep.  He discovered a human brother and sister, but oh dear, he got sleepy again so the human sister laid him in a basket for his nap.

And then the sleepy little lion ran into a kitten who purred him a lullaby and….he fell asleep again. This is great book, because it highlights one of the feline’s favorite activities:  napping.  A world without naps is not a world worth living in!

Perhaps you should go asleep at bedtime too, just like the sleepy little lion.

(Looks like I’m sleepy, as my eyes are beginning to close in this photo!)


  1. Ginny Patterson

    I feel the same way TeddyBoy!

  2. Greg Staley

    Very cute..

    • TeddyBoy Sinclair

      But of course, I’m cute…although I prefer “handsome.”


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