“The Story of Ferdinand”
written by Munro Leaf & illustrated by Robert Lawson

Published: June 8, 2017
PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

Who ever heard of a bull who liked to sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers? Meet Ferdinand, the bull, who lived in Spain. Ferdinand’s bull buddies ran all over the pasture jumping and butting their heads, because they hoped to fight a human in the bull ring. But not Ferdinand.

One day, Ferdinand sat on a bumble bee and oh me or my, he ran around puffing, and snorting, because we all know what happens when you sit on a bumble bee. Some humans thought he was the perfect bull for a fight and carted him off to the bull ring.

But do you know what happened when Ferdinand got to the bull ring? He sat down smack dab in the middle and refused to fight the human with a bright red cape. All the humans got mad because he wouldn’t fight, so they had to take him home, and he was happy again, smelling the flowers and sitting under the cork tree!

I like this book very much because cats like smelling the flowers just like Ferdinand.  I think Ferdinand and I would be great buddies.


  1. Virginia Bledsoe

    I love Teddy’s reviews!

    • TeddyBoy Sinclair

      Of course you love my reviews!


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