“Where the Wild Things Are”
written & illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Published: May 17, 2017
PawReview byTeddyBoy Sinclair

Max, the little boy in this story, is very naughty and sent to his bedroom without supper. Hey Max, I can relate, we kitties are often naughty, however, we never make the mistake of missing a meal!

All of sudden his bedroom turns into a forest.  A boat appears and Max goes to a kingdom where there are all sorts of wild beasts with horns and sharp teeth, and very long nails, and big yellow eyes. But clever Max tames these wild beasts with a magic trick and they make him their king.

Everybody has fun…they dance to the light of the moon and hang from tree branches.

But Max gets lonely, so he jumps back on the boat floating back to his bedroom where a warm supper awaits him.

Yet I have to say, I think it would be fun to spend a summer where the wild things are.  Don’t you agree?


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