“Melissa & Doug Stacking Train”

Published: March 7, 2017
Teddy Boy with toy trains
PawReview byTeddyBoy Sinclair

Toys! Human kids get loads of toys while cats are satisfied with an empty box, the bottle top from a gallon of milk, or a piece of left over string.

But I was asked to review this wooden train from the cat’s viewpoint, which is made especially for very young human children.

I see several problems with this train toy. It’s not very sturdy in my paws and I can easily push it along the floor and then knock it over with one paw swipe. It doesn’t make any sounds except for a mere thud when I throw it on the floor from the kitchen table.

However, there are some fun aspects to this toy train; even for a cat. It gives me a good massage when one of the train cars falls off my back. And it’s painted in bright colors, so I easily see it. Contrary to popular belief, cats can see colors. It also has some bite-sized wooden pieces that I have fun chewing on.

All in all, not a bad toy for cats….and perhaps even small human children.


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