“You’re Not My Real Mother”
written by Molly Friedrich & illustrated by Christy Hale

Published: February 9, 2017
PawReview byTeddyBoy Sinclair

Hey folks discovered this homeless kitten who wandered into my yard and decided to take her under my furry paw. Doesn’t look a thing like me. I’m black and white, and Xena (that’s what I decided to name her) is gray and white. But a rascal is a rascal is a rascal and we have great fun together.

I make sure she stays clean (she really likes it when I lick her ears clean…NOT) and warm.

Seems that humans have learned a lesson or two from we cats. They “adopt” (that’s the word they use) human kids that don’t look like them and there’s all sorts hullabaloo among the humans.

Go figure….cats have been doing this for ages and it’s no big deal.


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