“Cezanne and the Apple Boy”
written and illustrated by Laurence Anholt

Published: February 8, 2017
PawReview by TeddyBoy Sinclair

Yep, I like painters, especially if they paint a picture of me, the handsome TeddyBoy.

So there’s this French painter, named Paul Cezanne, who takes his small son
on a journey in the mountains of southern France. Got to have a donkey to carry the paint brushes, canvases, and a bunch of apples.
Cezanne tries a new way of painting: He paints crooked houses, wobbly tables, and piles of apples. All the villagers make fun of him. I have no idea if he paints twisted cats, but, got to love an artist who makes crazy shapes. Mr. Cezanne can’t seem to sell any of his paintings and is dirt poor.

But one day an agent (that’s a guy who helps artists sell paintings) walks into the village and falls in love with the paintings. He takes a bunch to big city, called Paris, and sells all of them, making lots of money for Cezanne.

So follow your crazy dreams and paint strange shapes…you never know what will happen.

I just painted a self-portrait of myself in the style of Cezanne. It’s a lopsided me!



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